Guidelines for restarting bowls –Updated 27th July 2020


Following Bowls England Guidelines



1.      Both Bessingby and Deane Park observe identical rules


2.      Any member of either club must have followed strict social distancing rules during the lockdown period


3.      The advice for those aged 70 and over continues to be that they should take particular care to minimise contact with others outside their household.  If they do go out more frequently, they should be careful to maintain distance from others. They and everyone should continue to comply with any general social distancing restrictions.  We know that those aged 70 and over can be absolutely fit and healthy and it is not the case that everybody over 70 has a chronic health condition or an underlying disease.   But unfortunately, we also know that as you get older, there is a higher risk of coronavirus having a more serious impact with infection. Complications and deaths are more common in the elderly, even those without pre-existing conditions.    Anyone who has been advised to shield by the NHS or their GP, including those 70 and over, should continue to do this until at least the end of June.

If you are living in a household with a possible Covid 19 infection or showing any symptoms you should stay at home.  If you are extremely vulnerable/shielded you should remain at home.

We ask that you consider the above carefully before making your own personal decision to bowl.  If you have any concerns you should not bowl.

4.      Members who wish to play must sign a declaration that they understand the risks and they nor a member of their household is suffering from Covid 19 or symptoms

5.      Bessingby and Deane Park would observe their set days, i.e. Wednesday and Friday for DP, Tuesday and Thursday for Bessingby.


Monday, Saturday and Sunday would be divided between the clubs, i.e. one weekBessingby would have Monday and Saturday and DP would have Sunday, the following week reversed


6.      Each club to strictly keep to their set days, no mixing of clubs.   On the day that is allocated to either club, that club has the facilities ALL DAY and no evening session from the other club. The silver shed is out of bounds to Bessingby park members, and the green shed is out of bounds to Deane park members.


7.      No member of DP will be allowed entry on Bessingby day and no Bessingby member on DP day


8.      Clubhouse closed except for access to the disabled toilet. Avoid using the toilets if possible.


9.      One in One out policy for the toilet.


10.  No rubbish bins in use, all personal rubbish to be removed from site by players


11.  No changing in the clubhouse. It is closed apart from toilet use.


12.  Bring your bowls equipment with you each time.  Your own personal bowls bag may be left in green shed if you are unable to take it home.  Shoes to be changed outside.


13.  Bessingby will have roll ups on Tuesday and Thursday 1.30pm for 2.00pm start


14.  Additional slots may be booked for 6.00p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday and on alternate Monday/Saturday/Sunday (11.00 a.m 2.00 p.m. and 6.00 p.m. ) Please ring Anne to book a slot (02085821801 or 07763566



15.  Play will be kept to pairs wherever possible


16.  Only 30 players on the green at any one time. Observers allowed but not on the green


17.   Max of 6  players per rink, i.e. singles/pairs/ triples. This can be six players from different households if 2m apart rule is observed.   Individual practice if no pairing available or if this is player’s choice


18.  All players to observe 2 m social distancing rule at all times.  No handshakes, hugs


19.  To minimise risk from equipment, only essential equipment to be used, i.e. no score boards,  no ditch markers, no distance sticks


20.  Equipment that can be used :  mat, pushers (one nominated player per rink to use the pusher) own bowls (none from the store), use 2 jacks, say one white, one yellow (if we have enough) so each player only touches their own jack, or alternatively two jacks of same colour but only one person “sets” the jack.  


21.  Use a scorecard rather than the scoreboard


22.  Rink markers to be left in position to avoid frequent cleaning.  Markers to be changed weekly in line with the Council’s schedule


23.  Do not touch another player’s bowls.  Avoid measuring for shots


24.  Sanitise your hands as you arrive. If possible use gloves when operating the gate padlock and when using the key safe and keys for the clubhouse, alternatively sanitise after use


25.  Wash/wipe the mats and jacks before and after use (do not assume they are clean).


26.  Toilets need to be cleaned after each use, using the wipes provided although members may wish to bring their own personal wipes (do not flush wipes down the toilet, take home with you in a plastic bag)


27.  Kitchen/changing rooms are out of bounds


28.  Hand sanitisers will be available


29.  Members may bring their own drinks with them (bottled water/flasks of tea etc)